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Pride and Prejudice

Dear Darcy,

I can’t belive that you are really in love with Miss Elizabeth Bennet. I hope that this is just a mistake. It’s a BIG mistake you marry to her. Or because she doesn’t deserve you or because Miss Elizabeth has no position in society and no money.
Your mother and I planed your marriage with my daughter, Anne de Bourgh, a long time ago. So you cannot simply to change the plans and marry to Miss Bennet!
I’m so shocked with your attitude, Darcy. I have never imagined that you could be so stupid. Did you forget al the education you had? And what about your values?

Bennet’s family is noisy and rude. You’re a foolish man to marry one of them! You could be a powerful man, Darcy. You just need to marry my daughter, then I’ll give you my support.
Now what I have to say to you is only this: or you still with Ellizabeth Bennet and have a needy life, or you marry to my daughter and have a full life of accomplishments.
The choice is yours.

Yours very sincerely,

(por Vicky Fechine em 20/05/2007)

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  1. Para quem ficou meio confuso:
    essa foi uma simulação feita por mim em 2007 de uma carta de Catherine de Bourgh para Darcy sobre o casamento dele com Elizabeth Bennet.

  2. Eu estou totalmente confusa
    Quem e Catherine e Darcy rsrs
    isso e o que

  3. é um livro: "Pride & Prejudice" ou "orgulho e preconceito" em português. Leia o meu comentário de cima, dona Lis!