quarta-feira, agosto 4

Sorry if you wish that, but the LIFE is already MINE!

I know I'm popular, baby
And that them all want me
It's my name that get out of their mouths every single day
I'm their dreams
And the nightmare too
And even if they try to walk with me
And they try
I'm much more valuable that what they could support

You could not suport too, baby
Had me and let me
But I saw in your eyes
And I still see it
How you love me and wish me
I've run a lot behind you
Kissed many girls
But I coul not forget you

And you will learn of the worse way, baby
How sad is the 'want' without the 'have'
You've fallen in love with me a lot of times
And my 'fall in love with you' didn't pass yet
And won't pass ever
But the worse will come soon
Soon you will wish me more than everything
You will give your life for me
Will run and drag behind me
Will beg my forgive

And I'm telling you, darling
Just like I told you before
For you I will back
Because my 'love' and 'want' is perpetual
But you will have to deal with
The sweet bitterness of the flashes aroud me
And the paparazis looking at me
Are you capable to support the price of love me?


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